About ATR

History Of A Traders Road:

A Traders Road is a newsletter broadcast site built to help the self-directed trader on their trading journey.  ATR was founded by Scott Landers to help self-directed traders learn more about technical & visual analysis charting.  Scott started studying the markets as a teenager & has continued to study them now for over two decades.  Scott has worked with a variety of traders from around the globe & taught over 30 different courses via live webinars over the past few years.


Technical Concepts Associated To Scott Landers:

  • Vapor Zones
  • Macro-Lines
  • Black Holes
  • V-Box
  • Inversion
  • Cone Method
  • Physics Of Market Structure


Focus Of ATR:

  • Physics Of Price Action/Reaction
  • Standardization Of Process
  • Trade Management
  • Risk To Reward
  • Price Action
  • Volume
  • Slope


Scott’s Market Philosophy & Beliefs:

  • Traders Should Focus On The Fundamentals Of Price Action & All Its Relationships
  • Traders Need To See The Market As It Is & Not As They Want It to Be
  • Stocks Only Go In Three Directions:  Up, Down, Sideways
  • Stocks Are Plotted On An X,Y Axis
  • Time Does Matter & Is Often The Most Overlooked Aspect Of A Technical System
  • You Can Not Control The Markets But You Can Ride The Waves
  • You Can See Perfect Patterns That Should “Work” & Still Watch Them Fail In Disbelief
  • The Endeavor To Become A Self-Directed Trader Is Never Easy
  • “Failure” Is A Learning Opportunity
  • “Trade What You See, Not What You Need”
  • “Trading Is A Journey, Not A Destination”